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As the owner of GlobeRiders LLC, based in Seattle, USA, I am proud to recommend Knopftours to all of our clients.  GlobeRiders use Knopftours for our own needs from shipping of bikes to logistics like green card insurance and bike storage.  From all the recommendations that we have done over the years we always get perfect feedback from our clients. Try Knopftours for yourself and we are sure you will not be disappointed. 

Ride Far – Ride Safe!

Helge Pedersen

As a world traveler, Knopftours is a perfect stop for all of my motorcycling and travel needs.  Stefan and Christopher have it all: bed and breakfast; storage; airport shuttle with personal pick-up; worldwide transport of my motorcycle; a do-it-yourself workshop with tools; and maintenance with them as well as the BMW dealer.  Their knowledge and expertise are impressive and challenges are easily overcome.  Being in Heidelberg, it is an excellent location for beginning a tour anywhere in Europe. 

Chris Foster

Stefan, Christopher and their entire staff make traveling Europe with your own motorcycle not only possible, but simple to do.  Everything is handled seamlessly; shipping, storage, maintenance and green card insurance.  Most importantly when you're an ocean away:  they are a trusted partner that gets the job done.  My "10 year ride Europe" plan could not happen without them, highly recommended!

Mike LoGalbo

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