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Our Planet

Something we are very proud to say about our Germany and very important to us is respect for our planet. We should try to do what we can, no matter how small, to reduce the negative impact we are making on the environment. Not just for our children and for their future children but simply because we are guests on this planet. Seeing as we make greater use of its resources, then we have an even greater responsibility to minimize what negative effects we create.

If you also share some of the same beliefs as we do, then I hope you will also join us in being aware of our responsibility when you are here traveling on your vacation. Of course, we will not demand or preach to our guests, but only ask that they try to help us by being conscious of what we can do. In our kitchen, you will find separate garbage bins for Plastic/Cans/Foil, Paper, Bio-food waste, and non-recyclable items. Also at the front of our premises are large waste bins separated similarly. 


We have also invested in building our new facility with as much attention to using environmentally friendly sources of energy. All the hot water for your bathrooms, showers, and kitchen is heated by solar panels. All the water used to flush the toilets are completely from a rain-water reservoir we installed under the property. We use low-energy bulbs wherever possible. Used oil from all the motorcycles is recycled. All the appliances (stoves, heating, washers, dryers) are of the most energy-efficient rating. Our van for work and transport has been converted to Biowaste-Gas. 

We don’t compare ourselves to others nor do we expect that everyone holds the same opinions as us. Yes, there are many ways to help our environment and certainly, we can always be improving what we do and how. As far as we believe, every little bit helps. We hope you will join us in doing what we can.


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