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Should I Book Hotels in Advance? I do not recommend pre-booking on hotels unless you like to stay longer at a specific one for an extended period of time. This will allow you the flexibility of time and different routes that will develop during your vacation.  We hear so often from our customers about a place they came across and wished they could have visited longer if they didn't have to hurry off to their hotel reservations. Really, there are so many accommodation places, it is usually not a problem to find a B&B, or hotel.

What about motorcycling in Europe?  To ride in Europe, bring a valid International Driver’s License (IDL).  These are available at AAA (USA) and CAA (Canada). It is required in some European countries and will save you hassle and a possible monetary fine. Bring high-quality color copies of the vehicle title, passport, and official documents.  Get a country of origin sticker (those black and white oval stickers like USA or CDN – ours is D in Germany). Place it on the back of your vehicle. Italy has been giving 200 Euro fines for not having this. Notify your credit card company in advance that you will be traveling in Europe. Consider having at least one back-up credit card in case you have an issue of loss, or damage, during the trip.

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What about riding Equipment?  For each rider and passenger, you need a ‘visibility vest’ that is reflective yellow. If you like, we can provide you with one upon arrival. You will need a European first aid kit (also available at Knopftours). If you get checked by the police, you can be fined for not having these. Bring your riding equipment that you are familiar with and have already tested at home.  Some customers start with brand new equipment and find out that it does not fit or other issues.  Check your navigation (GPS) system to make sure you have European maps in addition to your music play list. 

What Insurance Do I Need?  In addition to mandatory Green Card insurance (see this section), check your health insurance to see if your provider at home extends coverage to Europe.  If you do not have coverage in place, please inquire ahead of time as this needs to be made a day before you arrive in Europe. Some customers also find it important to have medical evacuation insurance, which varies greatly on prices and coverage – check on this before you leave your home country.

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And very important... is to take your time at the start of your vacation so that you are not a fugitive of time and places. We care for people from around the world here at Knopftours, and many will be happy to share their experiences with you.  Or sit with me and look at maps about places to go and things to see.  You are also welcome to use our workshop, and some basic tools, to work on your own bike. If there is anything we can do to make your trip more pleasant or enjoyable, please let us know.  I hope that the information is helpful, but if you have any additional questions, just send us an email. 

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