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Knopftours has been professionally and securely transporting motorcycles around the globe for over 30 years. We have the crucial experience to deal with airlines, shipping, cargo, and Customs to make the transport of your precious motorcycle as smooth and safe as possible. Before you make your shippings plans, give us a call and we are happy to help you with any advice we have - there is no obligation to book with us. Our goal is to help fellow riders around the world find their dream ride, and if we can help with information whether you book with us or not, it is our sincere pleasure.

What are the Shipping Dates Every Year? 

February:  Los Angeles via Orlando to Heidelberg - normal arrival end of April

March:  Orlando to Heidelberg - normal arrival end of April

April/May:  Kuwait to Heidelberg - 6 to 8 weeks to Heidelberg

September/October:  Heidelberg to Kuwait - 6 to 8 weeks to Heidelberg

September/October/November:  Heidelberg to Chile

End November:  Heidelberg to Orlando - available mid-February

End November:  Heidelberg to Los Angeles via Orlando - delivery end of February


Info: We may have containers shipping to locations other than the ones listed above. Please ask. For all shipments with Knopftours you DO NOT NEED a crate or specialized packing.  We have our own specialized metal racks to transport your bike safely and securely.

Your Personal Container - Shipping & Receiving

Shipping Containers

In need an individual container for a personal shipment?
Available from: April - End of October

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