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Airport Shuttle

Driver's mobile number is: +49 1573 3737335


If you are arriving for your next adventure or are heading home at the end of your dream trip, we can pick you up from/take you to the Frankfurt International Airport.


*It's very helpful to give us a cellphone number that you have with you that will work when you arrive at Frankfurt airport.

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If you are departing...

Please inform us about your flight home in advance. Ideally, let us know start of your trip or when you return from your trip, that you need a shuttle to Frankfurt Airport, including your exact flight details. 

Let us know if something changes with your flight as soon as possible and send us a small heads up by email or call us before you arrive at our place after your trip.
Important: Please make sure you checked the room for all your belongings and that you have your passport or vital medication.
We try to plan in enough time to get you to the airport in time, but once we leave Heidelberg on the freeway, turning back means missing your flight. 

If you are arriving... 

Please always send us a copy of your flight itinerary. For booking a ride with us please send us an email or give us a call at least a week before your scheduled arrival in Frankfurt. 


Once you land and reach the baggage claim, we will pick you up right at the "meeting point" of Terminal 1 or 2. These are designated areas in the Airport marked by signs, when exiting the baggage claim area. Please provide us your phone number, so we can contact you in the case you get lost.
Important: There is a "meeting point" for Terminal 1 AND 2. Please always stay at the same Terminal you arrive. We will monitor your flight and will be aware if your flight is running late, so don't worry and enjoy the flight.

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