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At our facility at Knopftours we offer the following basic services:

- Oil Change

- Tire Change

- Battery charge/re-charge

- General bike check-up before or after your trip
- Order parts 

- Storage of parts/riding gear/equipment

- Sale of obligatory emergency equipment

You can always send parts or equipment to our location. Just let us know before sending, it so we can inform you about the correct address.
Of course, we will be there and advise in case bigger servicing is needed.

Transport to bike dealer
In addition, we can also bring your bike to a certified bike dealer for service and maintenance. Keep in mind that you may experience a long wait for an appointment at dealerships. Please visit the Bike Transport to Dealer page for more information. 



Feel free to use our shop for repairs and maintenance. For the tools and expenses, we need to charge a small fee. 
All major repairs e.g. oil change must be performed in the shop. 

Monday - Friday
8am - 6pm


8am - 1pm

Sunday & Holidays closed


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