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We are proud to have safely stored bikes for our many customers over the many years. Your motorcycle is kept indoors in our own on-site storage facility, safe from the elements, dry inside a completely enclosed warehouse, secure and solely used for our motorcycles. So if you are considering keeping a bike in Europe for future amazing tours around Europe, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. We would be glad to help.

Why It Makes Sense

Are you are planning to do multiple bike trips over the years? Maybe you have a second bike that you like to tour on? Are you planning on doing long tours in Europe? Or you don’t want to risk the chance that you arrive but the bike got held up? If you answer yes to one of these questions or for other reasons you may have, considering storing a bike could be a very good option for you. Relative to renting or transporting your bike (both of which we can gladly offer you, of course), storing your motorcycle can have its advantages. The cost is extremely good value according to our customers, quite less than you would expect. You won't have to schedule your trip around availability of rentals. You have the freedom to extend your trip as you like. Planning a trip is as simple as getting on a plane and arriving to your bike.

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