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Coming from downtown Heidelberg by motorbike/car

From downtown Heidelberg, leave the city towards Schwetzingen and Autobahn 5- Karlsruhe/Basel. You will cross Montpellier-Bridge which leads over the railway tracks. Keep on going straight on this street, Speyerer Straße, for about 3.5 kilometers. On the right-hand side you will pass a Burger King and then an OMV gas station on your right. Make a left turn at the next set of traffic lights, where you will see an Esso and Holiday Inn. Go down to the first set of traffic lights (mattress store and suntanning salon on the corners) and make a left turn, then continue straight for 5 blocks until it ends at the train tracks. BE CAREFUL, cars coming from the right intersecting streets have right-of-way. Turn right and go one block. You will now see our location on the right-hand side - just look for the BMW banner flying in front of the property. 

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