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Public Transport

To our place to/from Heidelberg's pedestrian zone: Take tram no. 26 towards station Kirchheim Friedhof. The ride takes only a few minutes, the tram stop is called Odenwald Straße. You will have just past a Post Office on your left and at the stop you’ll see a Heidelberg Volksbank and a Riegeler bakery. Also this is a stop where you exit the doors on the left, not the right like all other stops. If you miss getting off, the next stop (Kirchheim Rathaus) is also okay. From there, walk back on the street that runs just next to but below the street of the tram, called Hegenich Strasse. Look for a restaurant called Pizza Europa at the start of the street. It is only 5 blocks and it ends at the train tracks. Turn right and go one block. You will now see our location on the right-hand side - just look for the BMW banner flying in front of the property.

Public Transit Rates from January 1st, 2008:

Single ticket: 1.70 Euro

24 hour ticket, for 1 person: 6.70 Euro 

24 hour ticket Plus, for up to 5 persons: 17.50 Euro


The 24 hour tickets are valid for 24 hours from the time of validation, Monday through Friday. If the validation takes place on a Saturday, it is also valid on Sunday. If the following Monday is a holiday, it is also valid on Monday, e.g. on the Easter-weekend (a 24 hour ticket validated on Saturday is then also valid on Sunday + Monday). This is a good deal for visiting the city and/or if you are staying in the city for two days, as you can ride freely and hop on/hop off, and it is 24 hours from the time you first use it. For example, if you arrive in Heidelberg in the afternoon, you might want to take a lovely stroll in the historic centre and enjoy a dinner, but then you can use the ticket again the next morning to do more sightseeing or some shopping.

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