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For Sale or Trade


1998 BMW R1100GS


For Sale:

98' BMW R1100GS, red, great condition.

Ready for the next adventure!


- New battery

- Front and rear tires have 2300 miles

- Fully serviced and up to date

- New breaks and master cylinder 
    (at 45.849 miles)

- Gas tank inspection

- New fuel lines, coils, wire set

- New hall sensor

- Fixed Oxygen sensor manipulator


- Airflow windshield

- Sae and coax pigtails

Additional Accessories:

- Wolfman Soft Pannier bag

- Oxford hard top case

- Complete tool roll kit

- Ram mount

- Slim tire pump and repair kit

- 50 liter duffle bag

- Tie downs

- All top quality camping gear

- Marmot 3p tent and synthetic down bag xl

All you need is your sat/nav and mount and you’re ready to go!  Sleeping bag laundered. Tent clean and great condition 

(For camping equipment see extra list, click here)

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