KNOPF Motorradreisen
 Everything for your Rental and Shipping Needs Motorcycle Transport
KNOPF Tours has been professionally and securely transporting motorcycles around the globe for over 20 years. We have the crucial experience to deal with airlines, shipping, cargo, and Customs to make the transport of your precious motorcycle as smooth and safe as possible. Before you make your shippings plans, give us a call and we are happy to help you with any advice we have, there is no obligation to book with us. Our goal is to help fellow riders around the world find their dream ride, and if we can help with information whether you book with us or not, it is our sincere pleasure.
We provide secure transport from Frankfurt, Germany to almost anywhere in the world.

Each year, we have coming from and going to USA and Canada - special Motorcycle Containers.
Heidelberg to Seattle   early October 2017
Heidelberg to Orlando   December 2017
Los Angeles to Heidelberg    March 2018
Orlando to Heidelberg   March 2018
Address in Orlando for loading/unloading:
HNM Global Logistics, 9901 Satellite Blvd., Orlando, Florida, 32824  contact: Cleveland 
Address in Seattle and Vancouver for loading/unloading:
Contact us for confirmation
For all shipping options, please contact us for the most accurate quote
Outgoing from Heidelberg, Germany
Motorcycle must be in our Heidelberg secure heated garage prior to ship date. Contact to confirm date.
For Orlando, only, Motorcycle is stored until the end of the month of arrival in our secure heated garage,
after which each month additional storage is US $50
Incoming to Heidelberg, Germany
Includes mandatory Green Card to clear European Customs (or provide your own Green Card)
Optional Transport Insurance if desired + 1% Insurance of Value
Motorcycle must be at the warehouse prior to ship date, and can be stored until
departure in our Orlando/Los Angeles secure heated garage (each prior month additional storage is US $50)
Included is motorcycle stored in Heidelberg in our secure heated garage until the end of May
NOTICE:  For Los Angeles shipment you need to ship about 7-8 weeks before you want to
receive your bike in Heidelberg. For more information, please contact us.