We are proud to have safely stored bikes for our many customers over the many years. Your motorcycle is kept indoors in our own on-site storage facility, safe from the elements, dry inside a completely enclosed warehouse, secure and solely used for our motorcycles.
Are you are planning to do multiple bike trips over the years? Maybe you have a second bike that you also like to tour on? Are you planning on doing long tours in Europe? Or possibly you drive a car back home and only ride on vacations? Or are you shipping your bike with another company and don’t want to risk the chance that you arrive but the bike got held up? If you answer yes to one of these questions or for other reasons you may have, considering storing a bike could be a very good option for you. Relative to renting or transporting your bike (both of which we can gladly offer you, of course), storing your motorcycle can have its advantages. The cost is extremely good value according to our customers, quite less than you would expect. Speaking honestly, storing bikes for our customers is more of an added-value service to compliment our other services. But that being said, we love motorcycles and treat our customers’ bikes like our own. In fact, they are taken care of exactly that way stored side by side with our own fleet of bikes.
Included with the storage fee is a secure place inside our warehouse. We have new battery tenders available for purchase at a very fair price, or you can supply your own as long as it is European-voltage compatible. Though we will do our best to monitor your battery and plug it into a tender on a cyclical basis, we cannot be responsible for guaranteeing the battery stays charged, as we have no idea the state of the battery in your bike. There is also space available for storing your panniers, top case, and tank bag, along with your helmets, camping gear... whatever you need for your trip and want to have with your bike to make planning your next trip that much easier and hassle-free. If you want to do some minor maintenance yourself, we also have a well-equipped workshop area that you are welcome to use (just please clean up after yourself) and we also have supplies of oil and other fluids conveniently available at less than paying at the petrol station. Or if you would like service carried out by a BMW dealer, it can be arranged that we will securely transport your bike to them and bring it back after service. You would pay only the costs from the dealer with no mark-up plus a fair service charge for our time to transport your bike for you. The comfort for you is knowing that your bike is in as good a running order as you like ready for your trip. There is no need to lose valuable vacation days at the start to get a repair done, a tire change or even worse, an unforeseen breakdown on the road.
What many of our customers find a great way to start their trip after that long plane ride and the accompanying jet lag is to arrive here to their bikes washed and ready, relax and load up their gear and even go for a leisurely short ride to visit the lovely city and get to know their bikes again, then stay the evening with us in our Bed & Breakfast before leaving the next morning on their trip after a good hearty breakfast.
So if you are considering keeping a bike in Europe for future amazing tours around Europe, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. We would be glad to help.
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