Whether you are renting from us or coming with your own motorcycle or car to Europe we can arrange (and highly recommend) an ADAC Road Assistance Plan for you.
Important notice: Continental Europe is from Ural Mountain (Russia) in the east – Norway/Finland in the north - Italy in the south and Portugal in the west. Also the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.
If you have other friends or family in Germany you can choose to use their address as your return base. We recommend the best address is where you will store/ship your bike. If you don’t have an address in Germany, we’re happy to let you use our address - Hardtstrasse 78, 69124 Heidelberg.
In case you have to use ADAC Road Assistance, you first call them to let them know your situation and what services you need. The toll-free phone number will be on the supplied membership book. Depending on the service required and your location, most services like towing, extraction, emergency fuel are paid by ADAC directly to the service provider where you are. Some things like taxi, hotel, medicine (for Plus holders) you pay the costs first and then you will get money back later from ADAC. Keep all original receipts as they have to be sent in.
Membership is good for 1 year and starts with payment. If you wish to cancel after the year, do so by 3 months prior to the end of that year or your membership is automatically renewed for the following year.
What does the road assistance mean for you:
Assistance for ADAC Plus Members after breakdown, accident or theft of vehicle:
Your vehicle breaks down and needs to be recovered. Your vehicle breaks down abroad. We (ADAC) will organize recovery to your place of residence and cover towing and storage costs. We will also provide this service if your vehicle is found after a theft. Within Germany the ADAC pick-up service, where possible, take you home together with your vehicle. In continental Europe only.
You have to stay overnight because of a vehicle defect. Your vehicle is immobilized or was stolen. We organize hotel accommodation for you and cover additional accommodation expenses for you and all passengers (max. three nights and max. Euro $51,13 per person per night). Instead of hotel accommodation on the day of the incident, we will cover travel expenses up to Euro $51,13. In continental Europe only.
Your return journey must be organized via a replacement vehicle.. Your vehicle was stolen on a journey or immobilized. We will cover the cost of renting a car up to seven days up to Euro $51,13 per day for any route you choose. In Germany, an ADAC Club vehicle will be at your disposal free of charge. In continental Europe only.
Your return journey must be organized via rail or air transport. If your vehicle is immobilized, we will cover the rail fare for all passengers to the destination and back of the place of the incident. Or we will cover the costs of the journey to the place of residence by rail plus additional rail fare for one person to collect the repaired vehicle. If the incident occurred more then 1200 km (800 miles) from the place of residence, instead of first class rail fare, we will cover the cost of an economy class return flight.. In continental Europe only.
You have a breakdown or an accident and require roadside assistance.. You have a breakdown or an accident and require towing. Storage and security fees will be reimbursed (also, when the vehicle is found after the theft).
In continental Europe only.
Your Vehicle breaks down or has an accident and requires off- road recovery. Unlimited coverage (also after theft.) In continental Europe only.
Your Vehicle key is defective, you lost it/or locked it in the Car. We will help you obtain a replacement key and/or restore your vehicle’s mobility at the place of the incident and cover up to Euro $102.26. The same applies to immobilizer systems. In continental Europe only.
Your Vehicle requires a part that is not available abroad. Spare parts unavailable abroad will by forwarded to you freight paid, and also after theft of the vehicle’s parts. In addition, we transport replacement parts free to Germany. In continental Europe only.  
Your Vehicle requires customs clearance or scrapping abroad.. If a total loss or theft occurs abroad we will perform the scrapping formalities for you and cover customs clearance, scrapping, towing and storage fees. In continental Europe except in Germany.
Additional trips required after a vehicle loss.. We cover the costs of public transport and taxi up to Euro $25.56 if your vehicle is immobilized or is stolen. In continental Europe only. 
Assistance for ADAC Plus Members in the event of injury, illness, and emergency situations:
Medical repatriation is required. In an emergency we will take you to a German hospital, if necessary, even by ambulance jet. We cover the full organization for you and all costs. Entitlement: you, your spouse/partner and your minor children. If you travel in your Car and medical repatriation is required for other passengers we will also cover organization and costs, worldwide.
You have been ill for some time and want someone to see you. We assist with the organization and cover travel and accommodation expenses for a visiting relative or friend up to Euro $511.29. Worldwide.
Children in your Party have to be brought home. An ADAC escort brings children under 16 years home, if you cannot do this any more due to illness, injury or death. For your disabled children we will provide this service regardless of age. We also cover all travel expenses, if the original transport mode can no longer be used. Worldwide.
Pets in your party have to be brought home.  We also bring a pet that you took along on your journey to your place of residence or to an animal shelter.. Worldwide.
Your vehicle is intact, but you can’t take it back yourself. If the driver becomes unfit to drive during a trip due to illness or injury, we will send ADAC driver to take the vehicle, passenger and luggage to your place of residence..
In continental Europe.
You don’t speak the local language and need an interpreter.. If you need an interpreter in an emergency abroad, the staff members of our emergency centers and/or our multilingual doctors will help you. If necessary, we will also provide an official interpreter and cover the costs up to Euro $153.39.. Worldwide except Germany.
Dispatch of medication or spectacles to foreign country is required.. We will locate medication or replacement spectacles that are unavailable, from abroad and send them to you freight paid. Worldwide except Germany.
An emergency occurs at home and you have to make a non-scheduled return.. An emergency occurs at home, i.e. a close relative suffers a life-threatening injury or your property is damaged substantially and you return home prematurely. We help you organize the journey home and cover the additional travel expenses to your place of residence up to Euro $2556.46 per case. If necessary, we will also take your vehicle home (in Europe only).. Worldwide.
You have to stay overnight due to an emergency (i.e. medical condition). You fall ill during a journey and require accommodation. We cover the costs for you, and if required, for all occupants of the vehicle (up to three nights and up to Euro $51.13 per person and night). On request we will also arrange for hotel accommodation. Worldwide.
Your money or travel documents like passport or ID were lost or stolen. Your credit cards were stolen and have to be stopped. If you lose your passport, identification card or driver’s licence abroad, we will help you to obtain replacement documents and cover the additional phone, travel and accommodation expenses up to a total of Euro $255.65 per claim. We also help you cancel your credit cards.. Worldwide except Germany.
A special emergency has occurred and you require assistance. You or your family suffer a special emergency on a trip and require assistance. We arrange for the necessary measures and cover the costs of up to Euro $255.65 per claim. Worldwide.
...and there are more services, too. The major benefits we listed above, along with other features are fully explained in the accompanying booklet when you arrive and receive the plan.
Coverage for one year is 145 Euros for One person, and 175 Euros for Two people.
What we will need from you:
    •    Name and surname
    •    Date of birth
    •    Married yes or no
    •    Copy of passport and vehicle registration
    •    Check or Credit Card of 145.00 Euros or 175.00 Euros (2 people)
    •    All documents 6 - 8 weeks prior to travel dates
If time permits, we are more than happy to mail to you the membership book, membership card and all other information, or it will ready for you when you arrive. All information in the booklet is available in English (please request) so that you can understand all the terms and conditions.
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