KNOPF Tours provides the following services in Germany:
Motorcycle Rental:
We have R1200RT/R1150RT/R1100RT - R1200GS - R800GS and K75T motorcycles for rent - minimum rental is one week.  
All motorcycles come with unlimited mileage and are able to be used in any European country.
Eastern European countries are upon request. The motorcycles are equipped with saddlebags and necessary emergency equipment.
Other models may be available upon request.
Airport Pick-up and Bed & Breakfast:
We can provide pick-up and drop-off at Frankfurt International Airport for the beginning and the end of your tour. This service also includes the first night in Heidelberg and the final night of your tour before leaving the country. Please contact us to arrange details.
Also available is a one-day sightseeing tour around Heidelberg, including a trip to the famous Heidelberg Castle, and driving down the Neckar Valley with a visit to the best motorcycle museum in all of Germany. Through this added tour, you can test your motorcycle, get accustomed to the roadways with a guide, and ask all the questions you have. This One-Day Tour for a Single Rider is $190 and for 2 Persons is $240. This includes all entry fees to the Heidelberg Castle and the Motorcycle museum.
Mobile Telephone:
We have a new service with KNOPF Tours where we can provide you with a cell phone for the time you rent a motorcycle. You will only pay whatever is the actual economical rates of the phone service provider, with no mark-up on the phone air time rates. The cost of the phone is approximately 45 Euros, and include 15 Euros airtime.  If you let me know in advance,  it is possible to email you your phone number ahead of time so your friends and relatives can call you whenever you are traveling in Germany or Europe.
Prices, Terms and Information:
Motorcycle Rental (in US Dollars):
  1. R1200RT (2017 model)  First week: $1045.00   Additional weeks: $995.00   Additional days: $150.00
  2. R1200GS/R1150RT   First week: $965.00   Additional weeks: $915.00   Additional days: $140.00
  3. R1100RT/F800GS  First Week: $865.00   Additional weeks: $835.00   Additional days: $125.00
  4. K75T Models   First Week: $685.00   Additional weeks: $635.00   Additional days: $100
  5. Any model of BMW motorcycle, other than the models listed above, is available but they have limited mileage. Please inquire.
** If you will be traveling to Eastern European countries you must also purchase additional insurance at $85 Euros flat rate with no time limit.
Insurance (in US Dollars):
Full coverage per week $100.00 (deductible on 800-1200cc models 1500.00 Euro - on all other models 800.00 Euro). Deductible payment is in Cash, Credit or Traveler’s check on the day of arrival, which will be returned when the motorcycle is returned with no damage.
Deposit (in US Dollars):
For each Bike $300.00. Payment by Personal Check or Traveler’s check sent to KNOPF Tours. Bank transfer possible in for some countries, please contact us to inquire.
Long-term rental (in US Dollars):
Is available on K75 Models for up to 6 weeks. Motorcycle rental including Insurance for $2995.00 - with free unlimited miles.
Bed & Breakfast (NB: in Euros):
Each Night B&B
One person: 55.00 Euros Two people: 70.00 Euros.  Additional persons in same room are 10 Euros each.  
Price includes breakfast and use of Guest kitchen, patio, internet (wifi), free coffee and tea, and beer/water/coke at cost.
Each Night Camping (we have a small amount of limited space in our garden available for camping, should you be on a budget)
One tent up to 2 persons: 15.00 Euros. Additional persons in same tent are 5 Euros each.  Price includes use of Guest kitchen, patio, internet (wifi), free coffee and tea, and beer, water, coke at cost.
Gear & Equipment (in US Dollars):
Tank bags may be rented for $30.00 for the entire tour (no time limit). All other equipment (helmet, rain suit,
leathers, gloves, camping gear...) must be furnished by the user. Germany has a strict helmet law!
Notice -- Very Important:  There will be no rental the day of arrival because of the time change difference. 
If you are already in Germany, then no problem to rent the first day.
Making a Reservation:
Please contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll ensure your reservation is made.
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