KNOPF Tours Annual Open House Party

This annual event takes place at our Motorcycle Central here at Hardtstrasse 78, in Heidelberg. It's a friendly gathering of everyone who rides - past and present. Each year we come together at our House to have fun, see each other again, exchange pictures and party. The Party for 2018 is a very special one. Ira and I will be honouring our marriage this year with the party.

The grill will be roaring with Steaks, Bratwurst, Chicken, and whatever else use to move on legs. Salads and veggies, roast potatoes, drinks of all assortments, and of course how can we be without coffee good ol' German Kuchen (cakes). 

There are usually riders finishing or starting their tour here, with many great stories of their adventure to share. In the evening we plan to have a slideshow from our own tours. Then there will Music to Dance into the night. 

Camping available in our garden on 
a limited basis (but might be noisy!)

Some places to stay near us are

Golden Rose Hotel - 5 blocks near: Phone 06221 782058

Hotel Heidelberg - 8 blocks near: Phone 06221 71040

Holiday Inn Hotel - 1 mile near: Phone 06221 788488

Limited place for sleeping bags at Knopf's house
Open House Party
Arriving on Motorcycle is requested.
Something fun from one of our happy clients...
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