Travel Health Insurance for Germany and European Countries
This Health Insurance is for Travelers who start their travel in Germany and visit other European countries and around the Mediterranean Sea and Canary-Azores-Maderia islands. The Insurance is not valid in your home country. Health cases existing before the Insurance effective date, are excluded.
What does the Health Insurance provide for you:
    •    Ambulance medical attention: The Insurance pays necessary medical examination and medically prescribed medicine in Germany. In a medical emergency the pay also includes the costs for the first-aid medical and also transport to the next doctor or hospital.
    •    If you have to go home after an accident or because of illness in Germany or in the travel from Germany in other European countries in a hospital you get treatment and medical attention. The coverage pays the cost of stationary treatment. Also, for operations the cost is covered. The plan gives the hospital a first guarantee of payment up to Euro $13000.00.
    •    If you have a toothache the plan pays the cost of the pain relief treatment in Germany, including repair from dental prosthesis.
    •    If you travel from Germany to another European country and you get seriously ill or you have been in an accident with serious injuries, the ADAC Ambulance service will organize, in co-ordination with a doctor, your transport back to Germany. If necessary, we will fly you back to Germany in a Ambulance jet. The cost is covered in full.
    •    Personal rescue. If you are ill or hurt and a rescue team has to search and rescue you, the plan will pay up to Euro $2600.00.
    •    In case of death, the ADAC Ambulance service organizes the transport of the deceased body to the home “station” address in Germany. The plan pays this cost in full. If you get cremated at the place of death the plan will pay up to Euro $5200.00.
    •    Telephone costs. Very important! So that the ADAC can help you in case of stationary treatment, transport back to Germany or in the case of death, it is very important to call them immediately. The cost of the telephone call is covered up to Euros $52.00. The phone number to call in Germany  (089) 767676, and if outside of Germany 0049 89 767676, Fax 0049 76 762501.
The policy can be purchased for up to 6 months.
    For persons age 66 and under:    If you are older then age 66:
    •    1 month  US $120.00    •    1 month US $170.00
    •    2 months US $175.00    •    2 months US $250.00
    •    3 months US $225.00    •    3 months US $300.00
    •    4 months US $395.00    •    4 months US $400.00
    •    5 months US $475.00    •    5 months US $500.00
    •    6 months US $555.00    •    6 months US $650.00
We need from you:
    •    Name and surname
    •    Date of birth
    •    Country where you live
    •    Date of entry into Germany
    •    Date when the insurance should be effective
    •    Copy of passport
    •    All papers 30 Days before start. (We will send the policy to your address in USA-Canada or Mexico)
    •    Payment in Traveler’s checks or Credit Card
In the case of injury, in order to be reimbursed for your medical expenses, you have to send the following documents to:
Postfach 700124
81301 Munchen
All papers must by originals (make copies for your records)
    1.    the original policy
    2.    a copy of your passport and personal travel dates
    3.    a copy of your passport showing where the stamp of entry or visas are from
    4.    original receipts with payment to prove purchase or medical prescriptions
The doctors’ bills are required to state:
    1.    your (patient) name and date of birth
    2.    medical report (bulletin) and diagnosis
    3.    place of treatment (city, address and phone number) date, and time of treatment
    4.    all individual reports from the doctor and hospital  
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