For traveling with your own Motorcycle/Vehicle in Europe, by European law you need to have the Green Card Insurance policy, which is also required for picking up your Motorcycle at Customs when you fly your Motorcycle from overseas to Europe. Customs will ask you for it. Without a Green Card, no Motorcycle. The Green Card Insurance is only a liability for minimum insurance of Euro 3,75 Million in Germany, and in each country the minimum liability is different.
The Green Card Insurance for Liability is valid in most of the European countries. The Comprehensive coverage, which covers damage to your vehicle, is not valid in former Eastern Block countries. Please inquire to confirm the coverage of your desired travel countries, if you are purchasing a Comprehensive or Liability coverage. Below are some of the more popular countries:
• Austria (A)	• Belgium (B)	• Denmark (DK)	• Estland (EST)	• France (F)	• Finland (FIN
• Germany (D)	• Great Britain (GB)	• Greece (GR)	• Hungary (H)	• Italy (I)	• Ireland (IRL)
• Island (IS)	• Lithuania (LT)	• Lettland (LV)	• Luxembourg (L)	• Malta (M)	• Netherlands (NL)
• Norway (N)	• Portugal (P)	• Poland (PL)	• Slovakia (SK)	• Slovenia (SLO)	• Sweden (S)
• Switzerland (CH)	• Spain (S)	• Czech Republic (CZ  )	• Cypress (CY)	• Romänia (RO)	• Bulgaria (BG)
You can buy Green Card Insurance in periods of 30 or 60 or 90 days up to one year. Each monthly period is 30 days and starts with the date it is purchased for (exception: it cannot start on a Sunday as offices are closed). A Green Card can be purchased in advance of your trip date. If you require the actual Green Card mailed to you, you need to take into account the delivery time (sent by regular post mail, unless you need it sooner in which case you just pay whatever courier, DHL or Fedex, costs there are. Note: only DHL or Fedex to countries in the Middle East). Should you require a Green Card for more than 30 days, for example 41 days, you should purchase two cycles of 30 days. At your own risk, you may decide to travel with just a printout of a scan of the Green Card until you receive the original from us; if so, we are happy to scan the original and email it to you the same day it is purchased and activated. 
** If you have a motorcycle registered in the U.K., we can provide you with a Green Card, but it
      is valid in all European countries except the U.K.

The important piece is to fully and honestly complete the Application Form that 
we send you by email. Please make sure to either type or write very clearly and legibly.
After it is completed and signed, email us back the application (scan or legible photo).
Once we have received the application and fee, we will process the Green Card and
email you a scanned copy so that you have proof of insurance. We will then mail you the
original Green Card document, which you must keep with you at all times of your trip.

In order to ensure the original Green Card reaches you in time, via post, please make sure to begin your application process as
early as possible, we suggest at minimum 2 weeks prior. Payment can be by credit card (VISA or Mastercard).
            * Note that the Green Card will be in the name of the person on the Registration. It is recommended that if you are not the person on the registration, that you carry with you during your trip a statement of permission from the registered owner to drive the vehicle.

            The regulations for acquiring Green Card Insurance have become much more strict. It is Critical that all necessary documents and information be provided correctly. Please, for your own best interests contact me if you have any questions about what is required. I can be reached by email or by phone at +49 172 978 6218 or +49 6221 727 2308.   

The Green Card Insurance is not cancellable/refundable once purchased (this is a policy of the insurer, not me).
The Green Card policy will be sent via regular Postmail. If you require faster service (DHL, Fedex, etc) this is available at normal extra costs.
It is critical to sign the Green Card policy on pages 1 and 3 where indicated in order to validate the policy coverage.
There is no need to send anything back. Keep all papers with you during your trip.
In case of a claim/accident, please remember to contact the local office of the Insurer in the country the incident occurs in. The list of offices is on the policy. KNOPF Tours is not the claim office.
The Green Card policy is only a Third-party liability insurance. It does not cover Comprehensive or Personal damages, unless Comprehensive coverage is purchased. EU regulations are that every driver have Green Card liability insurance.

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