We warmly invite you to our
“House of the International Motorcycle traveler”
This is one of the main reasons we started this... to welcome friends new and old to come visit us, share stories and advice about riding, about places where we’ve been and where you might like to go here in Europe. As our guests, those of you who have stayed with us know that our family and our home are open to you and the children especially enjoy meeting everyone.
After your long trip on the plane, what our guests tell us they always welcome is a friendly place to put up their feet and have that first German beer or a fresh brewed coffee. Then later unpack and load up their bikes, maybe take a pleasant stroll through lovely old Heidelberg and enjoy a traditional dinner in one of the many places there, and get a good night’s sleep before heading out for the great trip ahead. And for those coming back from their journey, it’s a pleasure to welcome familiar faces and hear those amazing stories that you’ve experienced. There’s a good chance there will be other riders coming or going and it’s always a great atmosphere to relax in our garden. Many guests find they like the area so much, they come back early and spend a few relaxing days visiting the old towns nearby or even one of the best Motorcycle Museums in the world - the Zweirad Museum (www.zweirad-museum.de).
For the past 18 years, we have been able to provide the cozy guest rooms in our old family home, and now we would like to share our new home and the brand new guest rooms. We have kept the coziness of before but have made larger rooms, new and more bathrooms, a fully functional guest kitchen with walkout patio, a large tree’d backyard garden, and a place to park your motorcycle right in front of each room. Currently we have wireless internet, and shortly will also have direct internet in each room and televisions. There is an assortment of travel books, and a big box of maps, and we are happy to assist with suggestions and provide you with motorcycle specific maps for many of the best rides in Europe.
Of course, things like towels, soap, shampoo, and sheets are provided so you don’t need to worry about bringing those with you for your first nights. We also provide a traditional German breakfast (not just a croissant and a coffee!) but an assortment of German coldcuts, cheeses, yogurt, muesli, just freshly baked rolls from the bakery around the corner, jam and honey, fresh orange juice, milk, coffee, tea.
As always, if you are traveling on your own bike you are welcome to use our Motorcycle garage to wash your bike or do some mechanical adjustments. We have all the tools and elbow grease you will need. If you need to change a tire, just let us know beforehand and we can order one from our local tire store for the same price as in the store and have it here for you when you arrive.
1 person incl. breakfast 55.00 Euros
2 persons incl. breakfast 70.00 Euros
additional person in room 10.00 Euros
KNOPF Motorradreisen
 Everything for your Rental and Shipping Needs Bed & Breakfast